Except in the matter of...

Article by Gary Carter


This is one of the most encouraging passages in the bible. We all know the horrible failures in this season of David’s life regarding Uriah the Hittite. A failure at this level today would certainly keep this individual off the platforms of our modern day churches. And yet, God puts this failure into the context of a lifetime journey to destiny! Failures and human weakness can paralyze even the best of those who are called. We get stuck in a moment of time when our human frailties and weaknesses come to the surface and we disqualify ourselves from our God given destiny.

In recent years we have seen political candidates put more and more human nature on display with unprofessional and rude conduct. On the surface we could be very quick to declare that no candidate has the hand of God upon their lives. In the United States of America, the arguments of the professional politically experienced who opposed a novice political business man showed he had no idea, or at least agreement with, how the traditional game was supposed to be played. He opposed the status quo process of the regime, his own party hierarchy, the media and the opinion polls of the masses and yet… he won!

I am not declaring it was God who did it for him but we must admit it was a very unusual event in the history of America so we must at least consider that God voted and weighed in on the outcome of this great Christian nation. Could we expand our protective Christian perspective to allow for the possibility that this man with all his human weakness is potentially another like David, who in his human nature did ungodly things and yet shaped history for God. Is it possible that like David, the President of the USA overcame all the odds, pressed past the failures and rose to a position of a God orchestrated destiny.

God put David’s failures into the context of his greater journey to destiny. He judged him not at one point of the journey but on the pursuit of destiny itself. This should encourage us to understand that God has a perspective on all life that is beyond our capacity to understand until history is written and read.

In our study of biblical history, it is evident that God is not limited by our failures, motivated by public opinion or contained within our fears. We all have failures and regrets but this passage of scripture encourages us that we don't need to be defined by our failures, shaped by offences or limited by our fears.

Our goal is to allow God the bragging rights as he puts our failures into the context of our greater destiny as we live our lives in passionate pursuit of His will and do what is right in the eyes of the Lord all the days of our lives… Except in the matter of…(name it)